Quality Assurance Testing The Instrux Media Way

“I love Instrux Media because they produce consistently high-quality courses that improve employee productivity. Their instructional design is second to none and the interactions are simple and fun to use which is unfortunately NOT currently the standard amongst course developers.”
— Author unknown

At Instrux Media, we are committed to ensure our e-learning courses are of the highest quality in content, structure, and interactivity. Each deliverable is therefore carefully reviewed and/or tested to ensure functionality, maintain standards of quality, and improve performance. Instrux Media defines Quality Assurance (QA) testing as falling into the following categories.

Content QA

Our instructional designers and communications department perform this detailed review on documents before sending them to the client. The reviewers ensure both scripts and storyboards employ correct grammar and punctuation, as well as plain language principles. Storyboards also undergo additional reviews.

Functional testing

Testing to verify technical functionality on all certified devices, platforms and operating systems.

Certified Instrux Media Courses
Live course comparison testing

Our QA specialists compares the live course to their storyboards by performing a visual comparison of content, and ensuring that the developer notes, images, acronyms, and other instructions have been implemented per the storyboard. The tester assigns any problems to the Development Team for fixing, and then later re-examines these ‘issues’ to verify that the problem has been solved.

Code-level QA

This QA process is internal only (not available as a service), consisting of automated unit and integration tests to run on the JavaScript code we developed to power our courses (interactions, quizzes, SCORM communication, etc.). The tests can be run whenever the code is changed and committed to the source control repository to help ensure that code works as expected and that no new issues are introduced when code is added or changed.

Accessibility testing

During this stage, Production Team members tests for WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance and W3C HTML validation using W3C Validator, TotalValidator, Wave toolbar for Firefox, and Juicy Studio Color Contrast Analyzer plugin for Firefox.

User Acceptance testing

In this optional review stage, a visually impaired Instrux staffer completes the live course using course readers (such as Jaws, NVDA) to validate accessibility.